400 East Vine Letter – February 2023

Welcome the Spring 2023 Associate Members

The Spring Semester has started, and that means recruitment and new members. The undergraduates have been extremely successful again this year, and over 30 men started the Associate Member (previously Pledge) Education program on January 29th. Throughout the month of February, Brothers Colt Brenton ’23 & Alec Feldman ’24 will be leading this class and teaching them about Delta Upsilon. 

All alumni are invited to attend Initiation on Sunday, February 26th at 3pm. For more information, please visit our Facebook page or send an email to mudeltau@gmail.com.

New Pool Table

The undergraduates returned after Winter Break to find a new pool table in the basement. This feature of the house is back now after several years. The alumni board choose a commercial-grade table to help ensure it is here for years to come.

Parking Lot Replaced

This summer, we completed the much-needed tear-out and replacement of our parking lot. Transitioning from asphalt to concrete was a greater expense but will last much longer and require less long-term maintenance. This is our largest capital improvement project since the 2006 renovation, and it was led by Brother Ben Case ’03.

At the recommendation of Chapter Advisor Andrew Cramer ’12, the Board of Directors also approved the installation of electrical conduit as a part of the project to ‘future-proof’ for the need of electrical charging stations. The setup will allow for up to 6 electric vehicles to be charged without us having to rip up the concrete.

Weightroom Updates

As mentioned in the recent Open Visor, we’ve continued to add to the weight room in the basement. This feature is a favorite of both the in & out-of-house brothers and rivals what you can find in modern apartment buildings. Thank you to everyone who has donated to the perpetual improvement of this space.

Bottle Filling Station

If you have not been back to 400 East Vine in a few years, you will likely not have seen the water bottle filling stations in the house. This extension to the fountains has been used so much by the brothers that the first-floor station just hit 30,000 bottles saved.


For the last two years, the undergraduates have done an amazing job at filling 400 East Vine with at least 30 brothers. This has enabled to chapter to make investments in the property while providing the best experience possible for them. Brother Scott Surplus’ ’81 leadership has helped facilitate this balancing act and ensured the fraternity is in a strong financial position. Although the mortgage still has more than a decade until it is paid off, we just crossed the $700k remaining milestone.

Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation - Ignite the Charge

In August 2022, the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation launched a new capital campaign with a target of raising $6 million. The funds will be used to expand our endowment and base of resources so that we are able to meet our members’ educational needs. Tax-deductible contributions, gifts, and bequests will determine the extent to which the Foundation can continue to change the lives of tomorrow’s leaders. 

The Miami Chapter is focusing our initial fundraising on our Chapter Legacy Plan, which funds scholarships for undergraduates to attend DU educational programming. The Miami CLP started raising funds in 2014, and we are just $36k from fully endowing this program.

Miami Chapter Legacy Plan
$113,786 of $150,000 75.9%

400 East Vine Club - Future House Improvements

The next major house improvement that we will be pursuing is redoing the dining room. The floor is aging and has taken a lot of abuse from all of us over the years. The alumni board has established a committee led by Brother Chip Cade ’86 to scope the work and find professionals to complete the project.

Legacy T-Shirts

We are making several legacy t-shirts available, starting with this classic shirt.

Do you have an idea for the next shirt? Send it to mudeltau@gmail.com

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