With over 1,200 living alumni, the Miami Alumni of Delta Upsilon, Inc. is one of the largest Greek alumni organizations at Miami University.  Since leaving Miami, our alumni have made their homes in 46 states and 4 other countries.

Annual Events

Alumni Weekend

Homecoming & Members Meeting


400 East Vine Club

Support the Miami Chapter by joining the 400 East Vine Club.  The 400 East Vine Club is designed to fund activities and projects for the Chapter House that directly benefit the undergraduates.  See Recent Projects here.


One-Time Donation

Miami Alumni of Delta Upsilon Inc. is a Section (c)(7) corporation.  Donations or dues paid to Section (c)(7) corporations are not tax-deductible.


In August 2022, the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation launched a new capital campaign with a target of raising $6 million. The funds will be used to expand our endowment and base of resources so that we are able to meet our members’ educational needs. Tax-deductible contributions, gifts, and bequests will determine the extent to which the Foundation can continue to change the lives of tomorrow’s leaders.

Miami Chapter Legacy Plan
$114,451 of $150,000

The Ignite the Charge campaign does allow donors to contribute directly to their chapter by donating to a Chapter Legacy Plan (CLP) which funds scholarships for undergraduates to attend DU educational programming. The Miami CLP started raising funds in 2014 and we are in the final stage to be fully endowed. 


400 East Vine Club

Annual Donors

Brother Class Level
Bill Koebel 1997 Sustaining Level​
Gregory Peterson 2000 Sustaining Level​
Andrew Cramer 2012 Sustaining Level​
Campbell Robinson 2023 Sustaining Level​

FY 2023 Donors

Brother Class Level
Brian Halas 1993
Matt Brokaw 1998
Zachary Miller 2014
Bryan Mace 2009
Dave Williams 1992 Puddle Pull Level
Spencer Koch 2001 Puddle Pull Level
Amount Level
$1,000 Gold Level
$500 Blue Level
$250 Puddle Pull Level
$100 Sustaining Level
$18.68 Recent Alumnus Level

DU Educational Foundation

Coming Soon for FY 2023

Annual Giving Clubs Lifetime Giving Circles
$50,000 - Old West Hall Club $1,000,000 - Dikaia Upotheke Circle
$25,000 - Men of Merit Club $500,000 - James A. Garfield Circle
$20,000 - Coat of Arms Club $250,000 - Charles Evan Hughes Circle
$15,000 - Cornerstone Club $100,000 - Williams Circle
$10,000 - Global Impact Club $75,000 - Chairman's Circle
$7,500 - Seven Stars Club $50,000 - Trustees Circle
$5,000 - Non-Secret Club $25,000 - High Nesbitt Circle
$2,500 - Scales of Justice Club $10,000 - Circle of Justice
$1,000 - Founders Club $7,500 - Circle of Culture
$500 - Presidents Club $5,000 - Circle of Character
$250 - Old Gold Club $2,500 - Circle of Friendship
$100 - Sapphire Blue Club $1000 - Loyal Brothers
$50 - Loyalty Club
$49-$1 - DU Donor

Housing Corp Trustees & Alumni Board

Every alumnus is automatically a member of the Miami Alumni of Delta Upsilon, Inc., and is entitled to vote on all matters which come before us. There is no initiation, and we encourage involvement since we are all volunteers. Most day-to-day issues are handled by an annually elected Executive Board of alumni trustees. Our preference is to have a broad age range of trustees; currently, the Board includes alumni graduating from 1962 through 2012. If you are interested in becoming a trustee or volunteering, please send an email to or contact us through social media.

Chris Miller '90


Dave Garrison '90

Vice President

Scott Surplus '81


Ben Case '03

Property Manager

Andrew Cramer '12

Chapter Advisor

Chip Cade '86


At-Large Trustees

Brad Backoff '10


Andy Cunningham '88


Chet Geiger '69


Dave Gifford '83


Greg Hang '91


Bob Harrison '69


Greg Herbert '90


Mike Lopane '93


Don MacKay '62


Christopher Maraschiello '88


Peter Mattingly '91


Steve Metzger '69


Dean Sackett '92


Steve Sander '89


Dave Taylor '92


Tony Uribes '95


Dave Williams '92


Upcoming Miami Alumni Events

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