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We the brothers of the Miami Chapter of Delta Upsilon are united under the motto, Dikaia Upotheke, Justice Our Foundation. As brothers, we are dedicated to upholding our principles set forth by our founders: The Promotion of Friendship, The Development of Character, The Diffusion of Liberal Culture, and The Advancement of Justice. Being a strong, enduring brotherhood built upon respect for ourselves and each other, we believe in trust and loyalty. We embrace honest and integrity, while striving for excellence in all we do. Our commitment to these ideals serves as the basis of our fraternity.

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Step 1 – Let us know by filling out the potential new member interest form or sending an email to

Step 2 – Register for Recruitment with the Interfraternity Council (IFC) by January TBD.

Step 3 – Get to know Delta Upsilon & our brothers by attending our recruitment events.

Step 4 – Show up during Recruitment Week – January 28th-February 2nd


After February 1st

Step 1 – Let us know by filling out the potential new member interest form or sending an email to

Step 2 – Set up a time with a VP of Recruitment to learn about our fraternity.

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Our Leaders

Our Undergraduate Executive Board is made up of 15 men, in various roles, who plan and oversee all the chapter’s operations.

John Tramontina


Alex Ciabattari

Vice President

Drew Merz LinkedIn

Drew Merz

VP of Recruitment

Nate Adkins

VP of Recruitment

Alec Feldman LinkedIn

Alec Feldman

VP of Member Ed

Mike Bova and Josh Smith at the DU Leadership Institute in 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Associate Members (aka new members): $800 for the semester.
  • Members: ~$800 per semester. Out-of-House members also pay a $150 parlor fee.
  • Rent: $4,000 per semester. – Meal Plan: $1,400 per semester.
  • Compare us to other fraternities here.

Additional activities (ie Formal) may have additional costs.

Thanks to donations from our alumni, the Miami Chapter pays for all registration and travel for Delta Upsilon developmental programs.

We use a secure service called OmegaFi to collect all dues and fees.

Delta Upsilon is a proud non-hazing fraternity and hazing of any kind is illegal and strictly prohibited at Miami University. We encourage all of our members to speak up if they ever feel uncomfortable. If they do not want to reach out to a brother or an advisor, Miami University and Delta Upsilon offer multiple ways to report issues.

The State of Ohio has recently implemented Collin’s Law which increases penalties, and requires additional educational programming on hazing awareness, prevention, intervention, and the Miami’s policy. Under Collin’s Law and University policy, hazing is defined as doing, requiring, encouraging or coercing another, including the victim, to do:

  • Any act of initiation into any student organization or other University sanctioned organization or athletic team; or any act to continue or reinstate membership in or affiliation with any student organization or other University sanctioned organization or athletic team that causes or creates a substantial risk of causing mental or physical harm to any person, including coercing another to consume alcohol or another drug.

Failure to intervene, prevent or report any act of hazing may also constitute a violation.

Since our founding, Delta Upsilon has been a non-secret fraternity. What that means is that all our Rituals and governing documents are open to the public. Most fraternities and sororities keep these items private — for members’ eyes only. However, Delta Upsilon believes in transparency. How could we let people know the true value of membership and what we stand for if we were to keep our most important documents and beliefs secret?

As a prospective member, we invite you to learn more about our Ritual and governing documents. Ask questions during the recruitment process. Just like other fraternities, we still have Rituals, like Initiation Ceremonies, that are rich in history and meaning. And structurally, we all host the same types of events. The DU difference is that we don’t keep any of it a secret.

Learn more about our Ritual.

*Please note that while Delta Upsilon is a non-secret Fraternity, we also respect our members’ privacy.

No, our chapter is too large for everyone to live in the house.  However, all eligible new members are required to live in the house for at least 1 year. 

Check out some recent improvements.

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