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Parking Lot Replacement

August 22, 2022 by Ben Case '03

Earlier this month, we completed the much-needed tear-out and replacement of our parking lot. Transitioning from asphalt to concrete was a greater expense but will last much longer and require less long-term maintenance.

At the recommendation of Chapter Advisor Andrew Cramer ’12, the Board of Directors also approved the installation of electrical conduit as a part of the project to ‘future-proof’ for the need of electrical charging stations. The setup will allow for up to 6 electric vehicles to be charged.

This is our largest capital improvement project since the 2006 renovation.


An extensive renovation project of the Sitting Room was completed during the summer of 2010. Prior to this, the condition of the Sitting Room was in need of improvements. Back in 2006, at the time of the house renovation, plans were in place for the complete renovation of the room. However, due to timing and potential funding constraints, the decision was made to postpone this work until later. 

In 2007, Jack Rogers ’57 made a generous donation to our CEA that was designated for the completion of this project. We are thankful for Jack’s generosity and continued support of our chapter. 

The Board of Directors met on several occasions to evaluate the feasibility of proceeding with this project. Following receipt of three proposals from reputable contractors, it was evident that the condition of the room was such that a complete renovation would be necessary. In consideration of the importance of this room to both our Alumni and Undergraduate Chapters, the decision was made to proceed with this project. 

The project included new oak floors and knotty pine walls. Also new are the windows, trophy cases, fireplace mantle, lighting, and electrical improvements. In an effort to preserve the original character of the room, we worked with the contractor to choose a design that is similar to the original sitting room. The project began on August 30th and was dedicated on October 21st, 2010. 

Photo of the 2010 Greek Week Puddle Pull team with Frank Dodd '49 at the Sitting Room Dedication Ceremony.


John W. Rogers ’57 and Anonymous Donors

2006 Renovation

The project, which began in the late 1990s, was led by Mike Lopane and would take several years to approve plans and raise funds to start the work. Mike was part of a small alumni team that was recruited by Frank Dodd to transition in as a new alumni leadership group. This group also included Chris Maraschiello and Al Burgei in other primary roles.

After many years of planning, the majority of the house was gutted and the renovation began in the summer of 2006. By the end of the summer, only three interior walls were kept from the old house. However, the team delivered a house in time for the undergraduates to move into their new home in August.


Justice Our Foundation Capital Campaign 2004-2006

Highest Praise

John W. Rogers ’57

Gold Level

George Blair ’37

Blue Level

W. Perry Brown ’52

Thomas Stallkamp ’68

Fred Fisher ’50

Frank Dodd ’49

Brotherhood Level

Thomas Burgess ’61

Brian Halas ’93

Henry Burr ’62

Don Kelley ’69

Don Snyder ’70

John Moul ’66

David Garrison ’90

Robert Jones ’51

Neil Jones ’64

Jeff Boden ’02

Les Dashiell ’52

Richard Sunkel ’53

Stephen Langer ’63

Henry Thompson ’51

William Bishop ’54

Michael Cottle ’81

Bob Heyburn ’55

Robert Kraber ’63

James McClusky ’57

Anthony Uribes ’95

Matt Brokaw ’98

Larry Krabill ’68

John Hillis ’64

Fred Wall ’56

Fraternity Level

Brian Alletto ’94

Daniel Batista ’56

William Bevan ’63

Patrick Bloom ’08

James Bova ’69

Donald Breese ’52

William Brouse ’70

Robert Buck ’50

James Buckley ’75

Allan Burgei ’90

Thomas Burkle ’70

Herbert Canada ’51

R. Thomas Cawrse ’66

Thomas Corcoran ’65

David Coutant ’93

W. Thomas Eaton ’71

Michael Francis ’61

Robert Freedman ’70

David Gerken ’95

William Gibson ’51

David Gifford ’83

Robert Gillette ’52

David Heineman ’00

Robert Hurlbert ’91

Williams Jones ’64

Carroll Knight ’56

Richard Kramer ’56

Brian Kurtz ’95

Charles Witte ’51

Willard C. Loomis ’60

Willard P. Loomis ’33

Michael Lopane ’92

John Lucas ’73

Jay Machado ’95

Christopher Maraschiello ’88

James Mather ’90

Steven Metzger ’69

Chris Moore ’02

William Moul ’61

Dan Oughterson ’64

Gregory Peterson ’00

M. David Plummer ’56

Elliot Rose ’05

Christopher Sabados ’01

David Schaack ’67

Thomas Shera ’61

Stephen Short ’78

Bruce Sijan ’70

Craig Simons ’71

Andrew Snyder ’97

William Stallkamp ’61

Phillip Stevens ’56

David Taylor ’92

Terry Thies ’64

Chris Thomas ’02

Marc Van Horn ’02

Tyson Vaughn ’98


Bruce Batista ’91

Martin Beckman ’54

Thomas Bennett ’83

John Boehm ’65

Trever Bond ’04

Thomas Books ’53

Jeffery Boord ’92

James Brooks ’59

Raymond Bruckman ’49

Van Burns ’50

Benjamin Case ’03

Richard Charles ’70

Jacob Cohen ’98

Michael Coutant ’96

Daniel DeMania ’96

Campell Dennis ’48

John Derr ’45

Robert Dickerson ’67

Alan Everson ’03

Todd Figgins ’96

William Filter ’49

Robert Fink ’53

Carl Fisher ’69

Michael Frank ’62

Stuart Frazer ’66

Jack Lance ’53

Curtis Lippincott ’56

Richard Loges ’86

Matthew Macechko ’98

Kevin Malof ’90

C. Robert Marshall ’66

Roy Mayberry ’51

Hugh McClean ’96

Earl McGovern ’51

Kenneth McLeish ’69

Herbert McNabb ’49

Paul Musarra ’01

Robert Neff ’57

James Nicholson ’84

David Nies ’69

Thomas Potter ’51

Brad Raetzke ’04

Brian Randolph ’92

Stephen Renneckar ’66

Robert Sammis ’42

Ed Sarkisian ’85

Steven Sawyer ’94

Robert Schoenherr ’63

Stephen Seiple ’78

Brian Sejas ’03

Herbert Fulger ’52

David Fulton ’61

Edgar Gates ’48

Philip Geiger ’63

William Gillette ’53

James Haber ’52

James Hallihan ’67

Scott Harper ’91

Paul Hinderegger ’91

John Holschuh ’48

John Holschuh ’77

Jordan Iserman ’49

Waldo Jones ’55

James Key ’64

Brian Klatt ’99

James Koch ’71

Dan Krabill ’66

David Krebs ’80

John Krizek ’55

Marvin Shane ’52

David Sink ’55

Craig Sink ’65

Craig Slack ’83

William Smith ’67

Donald Splitstone ’86

Scott Surplus ’81

Paul Swanson ’58

Lloyd Thomas ’65

Michael Tye ’62

Robert Vernon ’54

Todd Walter ’98

John Wettengel ’65

William Willke ’56

William Wingard ’70

Robert Wistner ’58

Mark Woods ’00

Charles Young ’57

James Zimmerman ’72

in memoriam Douglas Lewis ’40

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