2024 Captial Improvement Plan

400 East Vine Street has been the home of Delta Upsilon since 1931, and we all share the responsibility for maintaining and improving it. In 2006, the alumni board started the largest renovation of the building in its history, taking most of it back to studs and adding a new sleeping area above the dining room and kitchen.  August 2006 was not the end of the project though, and work continues to make our home one of the best fraternity houses at Miami University. While some specific projects have been funded by generous alumni, the majority of the money has come from the undergraduates filling the house with brothers year after year.

To answer the call of several alumni who have recognized this achievement and would like to help more, the Board of Trustees has developed the following plan with the goal of implementing these improvements by August 2024. Together we’ll need to raise $90,000 to achieve this goal.

2024 Improvement Fundraising
$3,950 of $90,000

Miami Alumni of Delta Upsilon Inc. is a Section (c)(7) corporation.  Donations or dues paid to Section (c)(7) corporations are not tax-deductible.

Dining Room Transformation

Today Future

The dining room is a central location for a chapter of over a 100 brothers, and there has been a lot of wear & tear since it was redone 17 years ago. To prepare this room for the next two decades, the board would like to make the following upgrades:

  • Redo the floors with a more durable surface
  • Replace the lighting
  • Add a feature wall to improve the aesthetics of the space

Exterior Beautification

Today Future

In 2023, Miami’s IFC created a grant program to establish that the fraternities at Miami University are committed to maintaining a clean and organized Chapter House, while also demonstrating the upstanding Greek Community at Miami University to the Oxford Community and others. We received $3,500 to get the planning started for this project, and we hope that it will help further enhance our house’s appearance.

Our project will involve adding a new stone retaining wall on the front and Bishop side of the house, new plants, and some repainting of the house.

Please note that these renders do not reflect the final finishes but should provide a representative view of the future state.

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